Ultimate Grinder

Ultimate Grinder

Ultimate Grinder

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SKU : MACH000001
Brand : Herbst
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The Ultimate grinder is a heavy duty grinder with a robust design. It is especially useful for grinding, bevelling, de-burring, de-scaling, polishing, finishing and knife sharpening. The Ultimate is any knife-maker’s dream machine, with so many options from hollow grinding to flat grinding or radius grinding with the small wheel attachment to buffing with the buff attachment this machine can do it all. The unique design of the Ultimate makes it possible for horizontal and vertical operation. Quick easy belt change with positive dynamic belt tracking which has been proven and perfected on the Ultimate since 1988. The Ultimate features a 300 mm x 25 mm contact disc wheel and a 150 mm x 50 mm or 200 mm x 50 mm drive wheel.


  • Powered by a .75KW single phase or three-phase motor.
  • Foot operated , quick release belt and wheel change mechanisms.
  • Includes a forward and reverse switch.
  • A large fully adjustable rest.
  • Accommodates contact wheels from 50 mm to 550 mm in diameter.
  • Uses industry standard 2000 mm x 25 mm or 50 mm belts.
  • Overall dimensions : D =1000 mm, W = 750 mm, H =1230 mm.
  • Weight = 60 kg.

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