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Three wheel grinder

Three wheel grinder

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The Three wheel grinder is to date one of the most reasonable priced professional grade grinders available. Quick easy belt change with positive belt tracking control and quiet smooth running minimizes operator fatigue.

Our Three wheel grinders are perfect due to its simplicity, compactness, solidity and convenience. The small footprint of the Three wheel grinder is what makes it a popular choice for the hobbyist and professional knife-maker.

The Three wheel grinder features a 300 mm x 25 mm contact disc wheel and a150 mm x 50 mm or 200 mm x 50 mm drive wheel. For the jockey wheel we use a 150mm x 50mm grind wheel that is also interchangeable with the main wheel.


  • Powered by a .75 kW single phase or three-phase motor.
  • Jockey wheel and main wheel are interchangeable.
  • Main wheel can be used as a disc sander.
  • A large fully adjustable rest.
  • Accommodates contact wheels from 50 mm to 350 mm in diameter
  • Uses industry standard 2000 mm x 25 mm or 50 mm belts.
  • Overall dimensions: D: 850 mm, W: 310 mm H: 600 mm
  • Weight = 35 kg.

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